G5 Inquiry : How Does Media Influence People






Jiayin Radio Host-Mr. Tong Jianlong gave a speech at the school on 9th Mar. 2021.

In order to coordinate with the inquiry theme "How to express yourself" in the third unit of G5, and to allow students to explore "the influence of the media on us", we're honored to invite the host of Jiayin Radio-Mr. Tong Jianlong to give a speech at the school.

Mr. Tong led students step by step into the world of broadcasting, including the evolution of broadcasting.He also introduced various popular media nowadays, broadened the children’s knowledge, and mentioned the influence of the media on the public. At the level, he led the children to think. Mr. Tong said that he was proficient in learning and singing, then he demonstrated the wonderful voice change of radio dramas. The children listened with gusto and had a strong motivation to learn about this topic. After the speech, there were still children who were still eager to ask for advice and lined up for autographs.

After the lecture, teachers led students to reflect on it.Teachers found that students learnt more about the currently declining broadcast media. With the attraction of colorful and rapidly changing diversified medias, students are still willing to return to a pure voice. The lecture stimulated their interest in radio programs; not only that, they also discussed the standpoint of the media and asked many questions for inquiry.

A speech aroused students' thinking and learning motivation. Now, let's enjoy students' reflection works!

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