Back to school, inquiry is cool!

We are proud of our students! On their first day back to school, guided by teachers, their curiosity and lens of observation resulted in many good questions that they can explore later.

Here are some students’ burning questions (from G1-5):

Why do we need to take off our shoes and run on the grass field?

Why can't we hold a pencil when sliding down the big slide?

How does grass grow?

Why do people not follow the rules even if they know them?

What happens if we run in the hallway?

Where in the campus is the most accident-prone area?

If my class is noisy, what can I do?

Why do we need to think of questions?

Why do we need to trim the tree branches? Doesn’t the tree get hurt?

How old is the oldest tree in Kuei Shan?

Which would be a better way to transport sand - using buckets or wheelbarrows?

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