Taipei Kuei Shan School

Global Issues
Conference 2022

Student-run and designed workshops that aims to be an innovative and exciting part of this year’s scouting day!


Learning Objectives

By the end of the G9-10 Scouting Day program, students will be able to:

  • Obtain more global issues knowledge in at least three topics

  • Start to understand that global issues being local-global issues

  • Attempt to address on the issue by developing an action plan and predict its impact

The Topics



Gradient Background


June 14


Opening: Keynote speaker


Students-run workshops, 3 topics/room, 6 rooms


Scavenger Hunt


Conference for sharing Activities and further action plan


Reflection led by teachers



Student-run and designed workshop structure

     G9-10 students are being divided into

  • 20 groups (4 students per group)


Advisor (teacher) responsibility

     Each subject group contributes 1-2  workshop topics (content)       

     that are related to global issues or unsolved problems.        

         See details here

Workshop leader (student) responsibility

     Collaboratively select workshop topics and participate in the         

     advisory sessions to receive help.

     Develop their workshop that is content-rich/reliable, and         

     interactive with the following guiding questions in mind:

     Q1. What is the global issue/challenge we are addressing?

Workshop development timeline

     3/4 & 3/11 (F): Faculty content exploration

     3/15 (Tu): Students groups formed and topics selected

     3/22 & 4/19 (Tu): Workshop content advisory session I & II

     Tuesdays that can be used for students to develop their         

     workshop: 3/29, 4/12, *4/19, 4/26, 5/3

2022-04-28 09.42.08.png

Success criteria

During the learning and collaboration with others, students will:

Before Global Issues Conference: 

  • Select a topic from the faculty generated topic list

  • Participate in the advisory sessions to understand the topic

  • Research to understand more about the topic

  • Brainstorm solutions

  • Write up an action plan

  • Assess how their impact will be

  • Put up a presentation that is suitable on Scouting Day

  • Design interactive games or activities to explain the global issue and/or their solutions

During Global Issues Conference:

  • Participate in the plenary session to be inspired and get excited

  • Give their group’s presentation

  • Listen to other groups’ presentation

  • Collaborate with others in fun activities and lunch  

  • Host interactive games or activities in their stand

  • Participate in others’ games or activities

  • Reflect on today’s event

After Global Issues Conference:

  • Consider to stay involved and take action

  • Consider becoming changemakers in global issues that you feel burdened with.